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Home Repair "Philosophy" ?

Whether you are calling because of one annoying problem or several we show up ready to tackle most small repairs in and around your home.  We are usually able to resolve problems quickly because, in addition to experience, the service truck is stocked with over $2500 of the most common items. 

How many service calls do you want to pay?  Customers quickly realize that the repaired items spanned multiple disciplines (carpentry, drywall, electrical, plumbing, painting, lighting, tile, doors, & lock sets, cabinets, carpet) but the bill included only one modest service call instead of several.  

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Electrical & Plumbing

The Handyman is neither a licensed electrician nor a licensed plumber and does not want to run afoul of the law.  95%* of all home electrical/plumbing issues can be resolved by the Handyman, and if not he will refer you to a specialist.   *Personal experience of owner.

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I am grateful.

It is so wonderful to be in the middle of a repair on someone's home and use some technique that takes me back to the time when I learned it from one of my heroes.  All my heroes have been Handymen: Dad, Uncle, Grandpa, Jesus.