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"John,  Just wanted to tell you how much I'm "enjoying" the storage space.  I worked last night off and on until 10:30 moving odd things out to the space. Today will be the stuff from the garage!!! Yeah." - Paula

  "Who new? My sister Paula is over the moon with her new door! Thank you John"  - Mary

"I caught him painting the bottom edge of the press-board siding to keep the water out.  I appreciate that he cared enough to do the job right." - Mrs. O.E.
"What fantastic service, I was ecstatic about the results. Since he planed my exterior doors they open much easier.  I was planning on replacing them but not now." - Tim E.
"I've lived in this house for over twenty years and it has never been warm in the winter.  I had Handyman Express install weatherproofing seals on my exterior doors.  Now for the first time ever my home is warm." - Tim E. 
"Prompt-Efficient-Professional. I could not ask for a better performance--work was excellent." - Joni L
"I was recently faced with the challenge of getting my old home ready for sale. Handyman Express replaced a bad faucet, epoxy painted the garage floor, replaced some water damaged drywall at the water heater, and did a lot of painting without getting any paint on the floor.  If you're faced with home improvement or repair tasks, and don't have the time or the ability to deal with it, I would give Handyman Express my highest recommendation." - Ms. J.
 "I like (Handyman Express) because there aren't all kinds of extra charges and when I need something done quick he jumps on it.  The corporate office likes him because he works Saturday early and nights without charging overtime. - T.S. (Mall Restaurant) 

"He pointed out that my gutter was slanting the wrong direction and damaging my brick chimney and the foundation below.  He let me work with him and we re-hung the existing gutter.  He repaired the leaks and now I don't need new gutters!  Anybody else would have tried to sell all new gutters.  Thank you." - Mr. E.
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